Losing Weight With Skateboarding

Is Skateboarding Good for Losing Weight?

Skateboarding is a great exercise because it engages a lot of different muscle groups, and it helps improve your balance, endurance, and flexibility. Like any exercise, sport, or workout though, the extent of any weight loss and increased muscle mass will depend on how long and hard you skate for.

Is skateboarding good for losing weight? It can be, depending on what you consider good. You can burn around 400 calories an hour without pushing yourself too much, but skating more aggressively can burn up to 800 calories an hour. Your age and weight also affect how many calories you burn.

Skateboarding may not be as effective at losing weight as hitting the gym or doing more intense cardio exercises, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun! Not only can you lose weight and gain muscle, but you’ll also improve your core strength.

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?

Any exercise should be accompanied with a healthy diet, and if you’re aiming for some serious weight loss then you’ll see better results from a more rigorous exercise routine – but if the alternative to skateboarding is just sitting around then skateboarding’s going to boost your metabolism and aid your weight loss.

Skateboarding gets you outside and gets your heart pumping which is good for you both physically and mentally. Exercise has been proven to improve mental health, and personally, I’ve found skateboarding to be the perfect answer. It’s one of the only activities I enjoy that doesn’t even feel like exercise, because I enjoy it so much. I get so ‘in the zone’ whether I’m skating from A to B or really going for it, that everything else just leaves my mind. It’s bliss.

As well as being great for your mental health, skateboarding will improve your physical health too. Because skateboarding increases your heart rate the more you go at it, it helps improve your heart’s strength, but it also works out a lot of your muscles. It may not be a full-body workout unless you’re doing handplants to strengthen your arms, but it does greatly improve your

  • Core strength
  • Legs
  • Coordination

Reasons Why Skateboarding Is an Excellent Workout for Losing Weight

Physically and mentally speaking, skateboarding is an excellent exercise. This can bring you to a Zen state of mind. This is a state wherein it seems that nothing in this world exists other than your board and you. Personally, skateboarding the only sport with the power of taking my mind off of things. 

When I am out, I do not think about family or work that much. I don’t even deal with problems. Injuries can happen, but try the best I can to prevent this if possible. I don’t experience this state of calmness when running, or any other exercise for that matter, really.

Mentally, skateboarding can be a great type of sport, but physically? Skateboarding is vital for your flexibility and core strength. Moreover, skateboarding is considered a good exercise, particularly for losing weight, simply because of the total body workout and cardio it gives.

Skateboard Weight Loss

How Many Calories Are Burned when Skateboarding?

The weight you lose or calories you burn skateboarding depends on the frequency of your skating and how much you exert yourself. If you skate more often and more intensively, then the more you lose weight.

As mentioned earlier, on average, pushing your skateboard moderately, you will burn about 400 calories an hour, and if you choose to skate more aggressively, you can burn 800 calories an hour. It also depends on your intensity, age, and weight. 

Skateboarding, therefore, contributes to effective weight loss; however, if you are a heavy skater, you must realise that you are more susceptible to injuries. Skateboarding might not be as effective as hitting the gym or mountain biking.

Aside from burning calories, you also get to experience great outdoor exercise.

If you want a more a detailed look at the effects of skateboarding versus other sports, Harvard Medical School have great research on the topic. I’ve summarised the results for skateboarding below, which you’ll see aren’t as effective as other sports but it’s definitely more fun!

Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)TimeCalories Burned
12556.730 mins150
15570.330 mins186
18583.930 mins222

Does Skateboarding Really Help to Lose Belly Fat? 

As well as burning calories skateboarding can help losing belly fat too. But as mentioned, the amount of belly fat burned will still depend on the amount of time spent each day skateboarding and how aggressively you skate. As with any exercise, it’s difficult to target fat on just one area of the body, but simply by burning calories, you will notice a loss in belly fat eventually. Do not expect instant results, though.

Skateboarding can be compared to interval training. The moment you hit the skate park or the streets; you can have an intense skating session then take a break. Eventually, you’ll begin to feel your legs burning and your heart quickly pounding. Though you can’t last long, this is great for your body.

Your wheels and bearings can also affect how many calories you may burn.
Bad bearings and hard wheels force you to push more often while soft bearings and wheels will cost you minimal energy. Riding longboards is less of a workout or exercise as compared to skateboard because longboards have bigger soft wheels wherein a normal skateboard has harder, smaller wheels. 

Can Skateboarding Give You Abs?

Skateboarding helps in developing the key muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, lower back, quads, and even the abs. Yes, you heard me right. The abs! But your abs must work with your back to ensure that your spine is kept aligned. 

Now skateboarding of course won’t define your abs in the same way an intense core workout at the gym would, but skateboarding is a rigorous cardio workout, and the core muscles you build that are essential to maintaining balance on your board will help to define your abdominal muscles.

Skateboarding Weight Loss Program 

I must say that there is really no definite or exact schedule for skateboarding weight loss. The most imperative thing is that you ride your skateboard regularly. If you haven’t done this before or you are a novice in skateboarding, you need to least skate for at least 10 minutes per day. Then from here, you can build up slowly and go for an additional 20 minutes in three weeks and then see how you are actually holding up.

That Nate Guy Too has a fantastic video I’ve embedded below talking about his weight loss journey via skateboarding, which I find pretty inspiring. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

You need to slowly build up and ensure that you listen to your own body. Light discomforts are natural, but never ignore your pain, such as fatigue in the feet.  Take some breaks and allow your body to recover. Breaks are amazing, and the next time that you try the things you wanted to do in the last session, you will surely nail it. But ensure that you do keep up with the skating a recovery break. Also, do not forget to enjoy it to the fullest and get those endorphins going as well. 

Every time I go a while without skating, when I do go out, enjoy myself, and head back home, it leaves such an impression it feels as if no one can destroy my day.

What is the Ideal Weight for Skateboarding? 

There is no upper weight limit to skateboarding, and there is really no such thing as the perfect weight for the skateboard. Skaters come in all ages, sizes and weights. Being heavier set does not necessarily mean that you cannot skateboard. If you are overweight, you can still skateboard, but you might have to only take things easy.

Decks can snap, which which will happen sooner or later to everyone no matter the weight, though it may be sooner the heavier you are. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as there’s no weight limit as long as you can manage to walk. If you are worried about this, decks can snap at the tail, nose, and middle of the board, so aim for the bolts of the board while landing on it and distribute your weight evenly.

Do I Require Different Bushings? 

If you’re just starting out, I would suggest not worrying about this at all unless you’re getting wheel bite, then you can consider different bushings. You can first try your trucks before purchasing harder bushings. You might as well think of getting a wider deck that is between 8.25 and 8.5”. You can check on some bushings guide online and see the weight and hardness chart to figure out what you exactly need. 

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey. Skate on!

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